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Mark Schraad

It is somewhat depressing that this notable spokesperson for the importance of design in business was at such a loss to not only define design thinking, but to also position designers at arms length (them.)

Of course you can learn design thinking and business at the school of hard knocks, or at the bookstore. But the compresssed time and knowledge base of a good school are well worth the effort and expense.

I often wonder about (both P&G and Target) how sestemic the design thinking of many of the business really is. Is it just good PR? Is design the new TQM/SixSigma? I certainly hope not!


Mark, while I can't comment on P&G, as a current intern at Target in the Innovation group and a student at the Institute of Design, I can assure you that design thinking at Target is not just PR and it's most assuredly not the new Six Sigma (which has it's own role in this organization).

Target has a very user centered approach to design and while the adoption and rigor varies across groups, it's nonetheless present.

Having said that, my experience so far has shown that there is clear value that an ID education can provide in an environment that already embraces "design thinking".

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